Friday, August 31, 2007

Intention for the best

Let us now begin to focus on intention. Intention for me is the physical, mental and emotional action that we put behind our thoughts and beliefs. What does the dictionary give as the definition of intention?

Something that somebody plans to do or achieve.

The key word in this definintion is plans. Planning is a verb. It could read: Something that somebody does in the form of action to achieve something they desire.

Intention also is the power and force which created the Universe. Intention is co-creating with God. God does Its do yours. Everything in life requires some sort of action. Our action can be a conscious choice to NOT TAKE ACTION, but in doing this we are still intending something.

So, what are your intentions for achieving your goals, having your dreams come true and living a life without fear? Sometimes the intention is just a conscious intention to Surrender or let go. It requires nothing else but for the Universe to hear that we are ready to put our fears completely into Gods hands. This is what I did when my son went to war. There was no action I could take except to let go within my own thoughts.

Other times we must take physical and emotional action. "I Surrender This" would never have come to fruition without active work on my part. My intention was to create this and so I had to buy clay and sculpt the hand. I had to find organic material for the flag. I had to write the book....and on and on. I could not have just stood back and said.."OK, I have this great idea that I intend for the Universe and I am just going to stand back and through thoughts and beliefs manifest it". Guess what? It would not have happened. Not yet anyway!

Depending on the issue at hand, your intention will require different things from you.

Let's take an example that requires action:

"I intend for my life to be peaceful and serene."

1) I would actively choose to have people in my life that also believed this way.
2) I would choose a place of employment that nutured my peaceful spirit.
3) I would choose a home, music, and colors in my life that I viewed as peaceful.
4) I would learn to meditate and go inward so that even in times of crisis and stress I would be able to find a place of peace within myself.

Here is an example where the only action I can take is to Surrender.

"I intend for my son to come home safely from Iraq."

1) I can pray for him.
2) I can ask the angels and God to be with him and protect him.
3) I can visualize him coming home safe and whole.
4) I can believe and trust that he will come home safely.

Do you see the difference between the two desires/intentions? For today I want you to think about your life and the issue you have chosen to work on. Is there action you can take to help you achieve it or is it something you just must put into the loving care of God?

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