Sunday, March 08, 2009

Arms wide open in Surrender


On Friday I was on an internet radio show called Synchronicity with Marie Benard.

Here is a link to the show; Lisa Speaking on Surrender

We spoke about how I came to Surrender and what it means as a women to Surrender. It is often hard for me to find my voice when speaking of Surrender. I know what it feels like and yet have a hard time putting that feeling into words. I admire people who can do that with something they are passionate about. I am working on it.

I recently found this wonderful little bit of insight on Surrender written by Shakti Gawain. It is all I know and believe and hope to live up to.

Shakti Gawain says that our life journey is "a process that flourishes in a spirit of acceptance, compassion and adventure." We might try on some new perspectives:

  • Let go of our need to figure everything out.

  • Let go of our need to control.

  • Let go of our need to be right.

  • Go with the flow.

  • Detach and observe.

  • Accept rather than resist.

  • Take life and ourselves less seriously.

  • Trust - ourselves and life. Have faith.

  • Open and love and laugh more.

The more convoluted our thinking, the more we're trapped in our minds. The more we're trapped in our heads, the less present we are to reality. Life is really too much for the ego. And when life brings the ego to its knees in surrender, the intuitive heart can step forward. When we connect with our hearts, we discover a part of us that is all-knowing. A part of us we can learn to trust. So take heart! As we continue to grow in consciousness, we increasingly see the bigger picture of life. We see more and more evidence of a higher power, of universal laws at work. We do begin to see clearly. And we gain the security to let go.