Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Digging deeper into limiting beliefs

Today you need to dig deep into your ideas and beliefs.

For only as much as you can believe, will be given unto you.

This is a law that I want you to understand.

Last weeks lessons were on "thinking". Thinking is an autonomic response that can be changed through practice. But believing is something much deeper. It comes from a place within you that has feeling and emotion. Some beliefs we come to on our own. Others are passed down from generation to generation. Others are instilled in us through education, politics, religion, parents and countless others ways.

We believe certain things to be true until they are proven otherwise. How long did humans believe the world was flat? What did we believe about disease before we were able to see the inner workings of the body under a microscope? How much of what we believe to be true today will someday be laughed at?

Again I ask you, what do you believe about yourself and your circumstances?
Write down some things that you want to believe about your surrender issue but are having trouble actually believing.

As you write these down....please DO NOT put the word WANT into the sentence. Just know in your head that you are having trouble with these.

Once you have done this you can very simply know what is holding you back from receiving.
You must be able to believe it for yourself for it to manifest. It can be conscious or unconscious but either way it will direct your path and journey. Your beliefs are like the conductor of an orchestra. Without a conductor the musicians would not know when to start to play or when to get louder or softer. They might know what notes to play by reading the music (our thoughts) but the conductor (belief) puts it all together to make beautiful symphonies.

For today I want you to really think about your beliefs about this situation and yourself. I want you to look at what beliefs you hold that may be keeping you stuck. Hold onto these for one more day and be ready to let go of them forever tomorrow!


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