Monday, August 13, 2007

Believe in Yourself

Let's begin the next step on your path to Surrender Success! True Belief.

As you worked last week through changing thought patterns you may have come to a point where you were affirming and thinking new thoughts only to be haunted by another thought that said, "This is a crock of -----". I just don't believe what I am telling myself. Ahhhhhhh.

Let's get real here. What made you believe those people in your life that said negative things to you about yourself? Those that said you couldn't or shouldn't. Those that said you did not measure up? I say, "Measure up to who?" Who are you comparing yourself to and who were they comparing you to.

I can promise you that although you may feel that these negative thoughts about yourself come from you....they did not originate in you.

You are a unique human being that is all love. You were created in the power of thought that only knows love. This is what you should believe about yourself!

What power did those people have over you that made you believe their fear based thoughts rather than the love that was your true Spirit? Who taught you to fear? Who taught you that you were not worthy? Who said so and why did you believe them?

Those that taught you fear came from their own fear, which came from someone else's fear. Isn't it time you stopped this cycle and learned to live in love for yourself and the entire world at large?

Today I just want you to think about this and to ponder what gave those people or those circumstances power over the love in your being.

Love yourself. Love yourself for the lessons you are learning and the circumstances you are overcoming. Love each positive thought that you have. Believe in yourself!! Believe in the Spirit of God working within you. Believe and trust in a brighter tomorrow. Cry if you must for all the days you have thought less than worthy about the bright Spirit that is you. Honor your path. Honor your lessons and move forward today in love with yourself.


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