Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thoughts create our world

Our thoughts are the most creative force in the universe. This is because our ability to think was created in the likeness of the Universal Mind.

To understand the power behind thought and the Universal Mind (God), there are some things you need to know.

1) God is impersonal. What this means is that NO thought has weight above another thought. This is such a hard concept for most of us to grasp, but it is true. Whether we are asking for a cure from cancer or a parking space at the local store, neither of these are different in the eyes of God. What is different is how we "feel" about them. The more feeling behind the thought, the closer it is to the vibration of God and a response. This "feeling" can be either negative and fear-based or positive and love-based. A strong fear-based thought will have more power than a low love-based thought.

2) To move out of anything that is undesired, we must be aligned more with love than with fear.

3) Most of us need to re-train our thought process.

4) Our thoughts are as real as the computer screen you are looking at. Each and every thought moves through time and space and into the unified field of possibility just waiting for an outcome. What are your thoughts creating?

Lisa's thoughts on this;
This past week has been challenging for me. As I look back I have to ask myself, "Where have your thoughts been?"

Like a fish on a line I have been pulled into some negative thoughts about a situation in my life. I have not seemed able to roll with the punches. However, awareness is key, and a few bad days does not a life-time make.

I woke up this morning and asked the Universe for my desire; to be creating and implimenting workshops, e-zines, local classes, articles, and e-books around the subject of Spiritual Surrender, full time and that I am financially supported in it.

NOW...I Surrender.
NOW...I Allow

I am given the knowledge and tools I need to create a life of financial freedom.

I Surrender This

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