Monday, October 22, 2007

The heart heals all wounds

Quinn continues to heal and is doing well. He told me yesterday that his energy level is par with before the "heart healing" and the only thing that is bothering him is his stomach. I'm sure that has to do with the medications he is on.

He will graduate from the Connecticut Police Academy tonight and I will cherish it more than anyone can imagine. I will post a photo of him in his uniform as soon as possible.

I have been so grateful for the gift of Surrender. It has helped me in a most profound way. Although I've had some "moments" during the past 2 weeks, I was also able to gather my knowledge and faith and feel confident in a perfect outcome. I look forward to posting many miracles as he continues to heal his heart.

For me....hearts have been everywhere. My morning yogi teas have had messages about the heart for the past few days. Songs on the radio have been about hearts. Of course I am aware that my eyes and ears are open to recieving messages about the heart and I am thankful each time I get one.

I have a new found respect for this amazing organ that sustains the life-blood within us. How amazing it was to watch Quinn's heart on the echocardiagram. Even though it had sustained injury...there is was continuing to beat and beat and beat. The beating heart is truly miraculous.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Life is Good

All I know for sure is that prayers have been answered and I know more miracles are on the way.

Quinn's life has been saved on many different occasions. He would disregard this (maybe not anymore).

When he was in Afghanistan his 5 man scout team were in the mountains searching for insurgents. They were going up a steep embankment when Quinn fell and hurt his ankle. The team had to proceed down a different path. When they got back to base they found out that another reconnaissance team had found a huge ambush at the top of the mountain (where they were going before he fell). I believe an angel watching over him gave him a little push to save his life and the life of his team.

He also fell 50 feet out of a helicopter. No parachute. Scraped elbow.

Hypothermia in Alaska while training to be a ranger. Went unconscious while hiking in 20 below weather. Taken by ambulance and his core body temp was 92 degrees. That was not a fun phone call either.

Then in Iraq he survived a humvee rollover with only a broken sternum. And now this. I have told him I am placing him behind a white picket fence to live the rest of his life in peace and safety.

Quinn was released from the hospital this afternoon. They still do not know why this happened and we may never know. What they do know is that it was not about his diet, or cholesterol or most of the things you think of when someone has a heart attack. The future looks bright for him. His heart is already returning some of the function and I expect nothing less than a full recovery. He will be on some medications for the rest of his life (he is so young who knows what the future will hold in medicine). He does have a stent in his main artery and he will be on blood thinners (aspirin and plavixs) for the future. Hopefully the strong blood thinner coumadin will be for only a short time.

He has no restrictions on his diet and can walk 1 1/2 miles each day (this week). More next week. I'm sure he will be running in the 5 mile Norfolk Memorial Day race next year God willing. He was a track star in high school running the 4 by 4 and the 400 meter. He is fast.

My own heart could not be more filled with love for this child who has experienced so much, with such grace, in his young life.

October 15

My love and thanks to all of you for your prayers for my son Quinn.

I wanted to update you on Quinn and tell you the status of future S.O.S's for now.

Quinn is doing great. He had a massive heart attack whose cause is presently unknown.

He is up and about and waiting for medications to be in the proper amounts before release from the hospital, which may be on Tuesday or Wednesday. The hospital is leaving no stones unturned in trying to find the reason for his MI. I now refer to it as his "healing heart".

It has been a long few days, but his smiles and determination to fight, have proved miraculous. He will be on stage at the graduation from the Connecticut Police Academy next week and no mother will be prouder than I will be on that day.

According to the doctors, he is lucky to be alive. You and I know that luck had nothing to do with it. He is being watched over by angels and the Infinite Source of ALL WELLNESS-God.

I started a blog this summer and will keep an update there in the future and more of the intimate and miraculous events of this journey

I thank each and every one of you for your prayers. They have lifted me up and held me in the comfort and care of the angels.

Please continue to pray with me as Quinn/and God heal his heart. We are asking for the miraculous and expect nothing less. If you are a healer you can focus on the bottom of his heart and that ALL clots forever more disolve with no injury.

Quinn is healed.
Quinn is pure love.
Quinn is held in the hand of God.

I reflect on the SOS I sent out on Tuesday and it gives me comfort. I stand firm as I Surrender all outcomes into the hand of God.

SOS's may come or they may not. I am not in the most rested state to write and I want to concentrate on Quinn. In the future you may get one on one day and not on the next. I hope you all understand.

You have made this journey easier and I thank each of you.

I am blessed,

Oh the joy of Surrender.

The powerful act of letting go leads to a peaceful mind.

With a peace-filled mind we are able to live in the present.

We are able to see the beauty and love that surrounds us.

We are one with the Universal thought process.

And in that Oneness all things are possible such as the HEALING OF A HEART.

Thus the joy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Life is more amazing than ever

On the afternoon of October 9th my 23 year old son had a massive heart attack. He had a blood clot causing 100% blockage to his LAD artery. This is the main artery supplying 40% of the blood to his heart. This type of heart attack is often termed the widow maker because sudden death is often the outcome.

I thank God each moment that this was not the case for my son. He had emergency angioplasty and a stent put into the artery. He is still in the hospital at this point waiting for the proper levels of coumadin to take place.

There have been so many signs from above that show me he will do well and recover. The angels have watched over him in the most incredible way. I thank them all.

I will do more posting soon, but for the next few days I just want to be there to support him in the hospital.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Life continues to amaze me

What a splendid world we live in. I am amazed each day at the beauty and wonder that this world holds. Life is good!! Life is easy! Life brings a smile to my face.

This past weekend I attended my 30 year high school reunion. What a blast we had. We laughed all day and all night just like in our youth. I am still smiling.

I have decided to begin this process again. Would you care to join me?
I would love to have a buddy.