Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Take Action with Intention

Define 10 action steps you can make within the next six months to help you achieve your goals. If there are no concrete action steps you can take then you can: Surrender your fears.
My intention is for this circumstance to be held in the palm of Gods hand for care and keeping.

My intention is to live day by day knowing that all is well.

My intention is to let go of all fear the minute I feel it.

My intention is to hold peaceful and loving thoughts devoid of all fear.

My intention is to hold firm to the beliefs and thoughts that are of God.

When I use the word intention, it can feel as though intention happens only in the future. But intention happens now. Intention is a now thing. It is a form of putting your foot down to the Universe and saying, "Darn it, this is going to happen and this is what I am going to do to help it happen".


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