Monday, September 24, 2007

OK...I Surrender

More giggles and amusement at myself. Darn, life is filled with so much that can lead us upstream and against the current. These past few months have been rather dis-connected for me...I have been dis-located...lost from my source....although still held and cared for.

It is like the old "which comes first, the chicken or the egg?" Has my struggle been because I have been on this path of change? Is is because I am not Surrendered? I am trying too hard? Doing too much? Using my paddles to swim against the current rather than with the current?

Life on Easy Street has taught me much. Easy Street is another form of is that place of ease and little is truly aligning with Spirit....truly being in the state of Surrender.

Do the leaves 'struggle' to change into their autumn splendor? Does the ocean 'struggle' to make waves? Does the moon 'struggle' in its glorious effort to illumine the night? I don't think so. So why should struggle be such a part of the human experience? I say it does not have to be. We are creating the struggle for no apparent reason other than it has become a way of life. It is an accepted belief by our culture.

Push, push, what are we all pushing for? A better life? More money? What about our life now in this moment. Isn't it a blessing if we sit down and really think about it? Aren't there more things going right in our world than going wrong?

I know I am blessed beyond measure. That is another mantra for me to say daily;


I Surrender and allow more and more blessings to fill my life. I go downstream in the flow of Well-Being and Love. I am filled with peace. I am peaceful. I am at ease. Life is easy. I create ease for others. I give love to others.

Won't you join my hand in Surrendering to a life of ease, love and peace for all? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Blessings of peace.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back on track

Life is such a rewarding and precious experience. I have been away on a much needed vacation and feel refreshed and filled with life and promise.

This summer moved at record speed for me....and soared into the beauty of a New England autumn. I love this time of year.

Soon after writing my post from Sept 8, I had a small revelation which is evident in my daily Seeds Of Surrender inspirational e-mails. I decided to mentally change my living address and moved to Easy Street, USA. I also Surrendered all thoughts that did not correspond with living at this new address. It has been fun. I had to laugh when I read the Sept 8 post because I talk of the struggle of life. My, how thoughts can change our experience. This my inspirational SOS from this past Tuesday 9/18:

The other day I was talking with my daughter and two of her friends. In the course of the conversation one of them mentioned that struggle was something she felt was noble or valid. When I heard this, my motherly antennae went up and I quickly said something to the effect that stuggle was not something you needed to choose in life. This led to a long conversation with me doing my best to teach these young women to mentally let go of struggle and instead choose Easy Street.

We had a wonderful conversation and in the end the girls all agreed that to choose struggle was not something they wanted anymore.

The very next day, I drove up behind a car and a sticker on its bumper summed my thoughts completely.

Change is inevitable; Struggle is an option.

Go back and read the September 8th post and see just how beautifully the Universe answered my plea of struggle.

Since moving to Easy Street I bought a new car (which I LOVE). My son has happily moved into a new home and my daughter has moved to Portland, Maine. These are all wonderful events for me and my family.

I have located myself again. Ahhhhhhh there I am.

Sending you all love and I will continue with the 60 days ( reality every day is a learning day) tomorrow.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


As I sit back and reflect on the past couple of months and working through this process, it feels as though it has been a huge struggle. I am in this place of resistance that feels like a mountain I can't quite get up. (Not what you would like to hear from someone who is supposed to get this stuff. ) And I DO get it....just struggling with integrating it into my thinking.

The other night I stubbed my toe and dislocated it. Ouch!!!! That along with my puppy dislocating his eye (cuz of me) has really made me sit and look at what I am doing. When I think of the word 'dislocate' it is exactly how I feel. So for the present moments I am locating my true self and doing my best to stay within the moment of now.

My 60 day plan is going to be more like a 120 days. :) It is OK. Whatever it takes to work through this and come out the other side...fully located into my life again.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Intentions for a peacful

"I intend for my life to be peaceful and serene."

1) I would actively choose to have people in my life that also believed this way.

a) I will review each of the people that are close to me and see if they are hurting my progress in any way. If so, I will gently release them from my life. (Obviously this is easier said than done, but, understanding that you have toxic people in your life is a BIG step to getting better. Some people such as family, spouse, etc. are not people you can just dismiss. But what you can do is put your foot down to the toxic behavior they are creating and tell them you will no longer participate in it.)

2) I would choose a place of employment that nurtures my peaceful spirit.

a) I will take a good long look at my place of employment. I will look to see if it is nurturing my Spirit. If it is not I will see if there is a way to stay at this job and find peace or I will begin to look for new employment. I will give myself 6 months to seek a better place for my Spirit.

3) I would choose a home, music, and colors in my life that I viewed as peaceful.

a) I will go buy one new CD that moves my Spirit into the most peaceful place.

4) I would learn to meditate and go inward so that even in times of crisis and stress I would be able to find a place of peace within myself.

a) I will begin to take 5 minutes each day and start meditating. I will do this everyday so when I have stress, I will have a place I can go to that will bring me peace.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Take Action with Intention

Define 10 action steps you can make within the next six months to help you achieve your goals. If there are no concrete action steps you can take then you can: Surrender your fears.
My intention is for this circumstance to be held in the palm of Gods hand for care and keeping.

My intention is to live day by day knowing that all is well.

My intention is to let go of all fear the minute I feel it.

My intention is to hold peaceful and loving thoughts devoid of all fear.

My intention is to hold firm to the beliefs and thoughts that are of God.

When I use the word intention, it can feel as though intention happens only in the future. But intention happens now. Intention is a now thing. It is a form of putting your foot down to the Universe and saying, "Darn it, this is going to happen and this is what I am going to do to help it happen".