Sunday, November 01, 2009

Many months have passed

So much time has gone by since my last posting and I think it is about time I head back to the blog.

What a wonderful spring and summer I was able to enjoy. Gardens blooming and sun shining. Blessings all around. So much life and plenty of Surrender.

Most of my time was taken up in preparing for and hosting a 50th birthday party for myself on August 8th. It was a grand time and loads of fun all the way around. I am Surrendered and thrilled with this new and wonderful half century mark to my life. I feel wise and content. It is a beautiful feeling. I feel no need to struggle or become anything new. I am ready to ride the waves of life with my oars completely out of the water, gliding and watching the beauty that abounds in each moment.

It feels that for the past 12 or so years, although I have certainly been living, that I have also struggled tremendously to acquire a state of mind that I saw as somewhere other than where I was. If I have learned anything from these so called "stories of struggle", I have learned this, all they are, are stories. Did I say how blessed I am? Blessed mostly because I have learned this bit about life.

I have also returned to another love of mine, which is cooking and started a blog about that. Now that the winter months are approaching fast and the gentle fires of the hearth warm me, I hope to spend a bit more time in the kitchen. Garden has been put to rest and my soul yearns for nice warm, comforting food to nourish my days and nights.

With a deep breath in, contentedness fills my body.

I am Surrendered.
I Surrender This.