Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Intentions for a peacful

"I intend for my life to be peaceful and serene."

1) I would actively choose to have people in my life that also believed this way.

a) I will review each of the people that are close to me and see if they are hurting my progress in any way. If so, I will gently release them from my life. (Obviously this is easier said than done, but, understanding that you have toxic people in your life is a BIG step to getting better. Some people such as family, spouse, etc. are not people you can just dismiss. But what you can do is put your foot down to the toxic behavior they are creating and tell them you will no longer participate in it.)

2) I would choose a place of employment that nurtures my peaceful spirit.

a) I will take a good long look at my place of employment. I will look to see if it is nurturing my Spirit. If it is not I will see if there is a way to stay at this job and find peace or I will begin to look for new employment. I will give myself 6 months to seek a better place for my Spirit.

3) I would choose a home, music, and colors in my life that I viewed as peaceful.

a) I will go buy one new CD that moves my Spirit into the most peaceful place.

4) I would learn to meditate and go inward so that even in times of crisis and stress I would be able to find a place of peace within myself.

a) I will begin to take 5 minutes each day and start meditating. I will do this everyday so when I have stress, I will have a place I can go to that will bring me peace.

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