Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back on track

Life is such a rewarding and precious experience. I have been away on a much needed vacation and feel refreshed and filled with life and promise.

This summer moved at record speed for me....and soared into the beauty of a New England autumn. I love this time of year.

Soon after writing my post from Sept 8, I had a small revelation which is evident in my daily Seeds Of Surrender inspirational e-mails. I decided to mentally change my living address and moved to Easy Street, USA. I also Surrendered all thoughts that did not correspond with living at this new address. It has been fun. I had to laugh when I read the Sept 8 post because I talk of the struggle of life. My, how thoughts can change our experience. This my inspirational SOS from this past Tuesday 9/18:

The other day I was talking with my daughter and two of her friends. In the course of the conversation one of them mentioned that struggle was something she felt was noble or valid. When I heard this, my motherly antennae went up and I quickly said something to the effect that stuggle was not something you needed to choose in life. This led to a long conversation with me doing my best to teach these young women to mentally let go of struggle and instead choose Easy Street.

We had a wonderful conversation and in the end the girls all agreed that to choose struggle was not something they wanted anymore.

The very next day, I drove up behind a car and a sticker on its bumper summed my thoughts completely.

Change is inevitable; Struggle is an option.

Go back and read the September 8th post and see just how beautifully the Universe answered my plea of struggle.

Since moving to Easy Street I bought a new car (which I LOVE). My son has happily moved into a new home and my daughter has moved to Portland, Maine. These are all wonderful events for me and my family.

I have located myself again. Ahhhhhhh there I am.

Sending you all love and I will continue with the 60 days ( reality every day is a learning day) tomorrow.

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