Saturday, September 08, 2007


As I sit back and reflect on the past couple of months and working through this process, it feels as though it has been a huge struggle. I am in this place of resistance that feels like a mountain I can't quite get up. (Not what you would like to hear from someone who is supposed to get this stuff. ) And I DO get it....just struggling with integrating it into my thinking.

The other night I stubbed my toe and dislocated it. Ouch!!!! That along with my puppy dislocating his eye (cuz of me) has really made me sit and look at what I am doing. When I think of the word 'dislocate' it is exactly how I feel. So for the present moments I am locating my true self and doing my best to stay within the moment of now.

My 60 day plan is going to be more like a 120 days. :) It is OK. Whatever it takes to work through this and come out the other side...fully located into my life again.

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