Monday, July 30, 2007

Limiting beliefs Part 2

Since the inception of "I Surrender This", I have had an image in my mind of it being helpful to many, many people. I see hundreds/thousands of people waving their white flags and holding a peace-filled vigil of Surrender. I speak and inspire many. I am the cheerleader of Surrender.

As the day to day workings of trying to get the Surrender message out have often seemed futile to me...there have been many days of discouragment. It has created a limiting belief in me that people do not care or need the idea of "I Surrender This".

The voice that says this is the voice of the ego...and today...I pledge not to listen to it any longer.

I am deaf to the limiting voice of the ego.

I am mute to the ego voice within my mind.

I hear nothing...I speak nothing back.

My teaching, my surrender work....sustains me with abundance, peace and helping others.

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