Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 2

Woke up earlier than usual to "Fire the Grid". What a blessing I feel to live on this beautiful planet. My space in this world is green and full of animal life. I am so very blessed and I bless this Earth.

60 Days to Surrender Success

Day 2
Fear is not something that challenges me anymore. Thank you God. At least not on a level that it used to. Mostly I feel blocks in my personality. My unfocused mind. My lack of routine.


For the beginning of these 60 days I would like to focus on getting into a bit of a routine. Doing some time blocking. (I will need to research this) (quickly) LOL. Start an exercise and eating schedule. Meditation and prayer time. Time each day in making connections and working on my business.

I feel great! I love the motivation I feel! I am Surrendered and will go where God leads.
I ask for direction and miracles. Peace and abundance. Love and health. Joy and beauty.

And so it is.

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