Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I AM grateful

Today we are going to lighten up the mood from the past few days and concentrate on gratitude.

Gratitude is a choice to see things in a different light. The light of God. When you are grateful it is almosts impossible to feel negative. Remember that what you focus on becomes your reality. When you focus on all the things you don't have, or all the people that treat you unfairly, or all the heartache that you have, then this is what you are creating for your life. Instead focus on all the things you have to feel grateful for. This is an important part of changing your neural pathways.

So for today's lesson I would like you to make an extensive list of all those things that you are grateful for. I would like you to write down at least 75-100 things that you are grateful for in your life. This should be easy. If you struggle with this, then I would suggest that you are focusing on lots of negativity in your life. Take a deep breath and see the bright side.

When you are done with this list I would like you to take it and read it through. As you go through each item I would like you to state, "Thank you for giving me this. I Surrender my joy to you".

When thinking of Surrendering, many people are under the impression that it is only our grief, sorrow and heartache that we should Surrender. This is not so, When you Surrender your joy and thanksgiving to the Universe, you are saying " Thank you, give me more".

The place where Surrender resides is in the very heart of God. The magnitude at which your joy and gratitude will be transformed into more joy when you Surrender it, is ten to twenty fold. Heartache attracts heartache. Sorrow attracts sorrow. Depression attracts depression. Joy attracts joy!

Gratitude attracts more circumstances to be grateful for.

1) Molly
2) Quinn
3) my family-my parents-my sisters and brothers-all extended family
4) Scott-Scott's family
5) Betty
6) all of my animals past and present
7) my home
8) the sun
9) the moon
10) the stars
11) the countless aspects of nature
12) music
13) ears to hear it with
14) eyes
15) food
16) touch
17) cotton-organic
18) farmers
19) birds-Veedor
20) art
21) cameras
22) books
23) the authors that write books
24) the internet
25) simple living
26) the ocean
27) every cell in my being
28) the perfection of my living body
29) my mind
30) laughter
31) tears
32) friends
33) school-teachers
34) a warm bed to lie in each night
35) the country
36) my computers
37) coffee
38) tea
39) explorers
40) people willing to take a risk
41) yoga
42) dance
43) picnics
44) summer
45) fall
46) warm sand in my toes
47) cool evenings
48) fireflies
49) flowers
50) my car
51) roads to drive on
52) electricity
53) candle-light
54) fruit
55) vegetables
56) clean bathrooms
57) hot showers
58) the sense of smell
59) warm breezes coming through windows
60) clean air
61) clean water
62) the angels
63) GOD-how could this be so far down the list? should be #1
64) my mentors
65) my abundant income
66) the ability to help others
67) healers-in all forms
68) warm clothes-wool
69) arms to hug with
70) my beating heart
71) blue skies
72) Toby Pond
73) The ball park road
74) Haystack Mountain
75) Green Donkey's
76) Every moment of my life
77) Rainbows
78) Sunrise
79) Sunsets
80) the rumble of thunder
81) miracles
82) Peace
83) Love
84) Forgivness
85) Tolerance

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