Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 8-Letting go of guilt

As I go through this course I am finding the power of transformation. It has worked for me. In todays lesson it asks to write down things/circumstances you "feel" guilty about.

Assignment for today. Without too much dwelling, I would like you to write down the guilty feelings that you hold onto. I do not want you to go through every little thing you have ever felt you did wrong. I would like you to write about those things that are stapled to you. Those situations that you hold onto day after day. I would also like you to write about those things that others have done to you that you are holding onto.

Having gone through this course a few other times, I see that I have really let go and surrendered those things that used to make me feel guilty. Guilt is just not something I feel anymore....and I also make choices in my life that would not put the added burden of guilt onto me. If I feel I have wronged someone, I apologize, right away.

I remember when I first took this course that the feelings of guilt I had were about not being able to financially give to my children things that other children might have had. I was wracked with guilt for not becoming "something" in my life...not being financially successful. That is all gone now. No guilt. I gave what I could, and became who I could become. My children would tell you that I gave more than enough, that I am more than enough. So what else matters?

I have surely let go of this guilt....and what a release it has been. The funny thing is, that when I let go of the guilt, I also let go of the ability for others to make me feel guilty. It became just some word with no meaning behind it. That is all it is. 5 letters put together to form a feeling.

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