Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The time is now

This past weekend I was contacted by a man in South Africa whose passion is also to surrender. Surrender to M.A.D.E. M.A.D.E. is an acronym for Make A Difference Everyday.

We have had a couple of wonderful conversations and are determined to bring the blessing of surrender to the world. Carl's focus is on world peace and my focus is on inner peace. Inner peace leads to world peace and world peace leads to inner peace. There is no failing and peace WILL prevail of that I am sure.

I wonder how many others out there are passionate about the concept of surrender? What are your thoughts? How do you fulfill the need or want for inner peace? Do you need or want it at all?

I know for myself that inner peace is a quest I will always be manifesting.


annie kelleher said...

i think the first lesson i got in surrender was when i started to try to publish my fiction and received rejection after rejection. at some point, i remember saying to Whoever Might Be Listening: "i wrote this because You told me to. if You want it published, You are going to have to help." and they did, of course, but that's anoother story. my second lesson was during my hellacious divorce from my abusive ex. i was very upset over his threats and my boyfriend - now my husband - put it into perspective. "annie," he said, "there are no nazis at the door." and i realized that i had to stop worrying about all the horrible things that Could happen and focus on what was happening, which really wans't too bad. my third lesson was watching my son wreck cars and get speedign tickets. i figured if he had a Contract to leave at an early age, and a car accident was going to be his choice of an exit strategy - so be it. and so, in fairly short order, i've learned that whatever is going to be is going to be, that there are things i can control and there are even more things i can't. and of course, it helps i feel such a deep connection to Spirit.

Lisa said...

Yes annie, I have had many of those same lessons.

Life is much kinder than the stories our mind creates about it. Byron Katie