Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New horizens...letting go of thoughts

Everyday is a new chance to live a life held in the hand of the Universe. What a joy it is for me to know that no matter what, life goes on and the world keeps spinning. The small trivial things that upset me and try to take me off course are nothing real. They are just my mind weaving a story. Each time I find myself stuck in the thoughts of, "Why should I?", "Why did this happen?", "What is my purpose?", I am now able to remind myself that this is just some neurons in my brain in the continual loop of "mind chatter".

Yesterday I received the news that I will be able to go see Byron Katie for free in April when she comes to New York City. Her work along with some other great teachers such as Eckhart Tolle and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor are giving new meaning to the act of Surrender for me.

It has all become so simple to me. My mind starts up on its rant...and I turn it off. Nothing more to it. I will no longer be held captive to this part of my brain that wants to keep running the negative thoughts over and over. Doing this has left me with more time to truly live and enjoy what is happening in the present moment.

What a journey. I am so amazed at how the path keeps opening new and wonderful horizons for me.

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