Monday, October 15, 2007

Life is Good

All I know for sure is that prayers have been answered and I know more miracles are on the way.

Quinn's life has been saved on many different occasions. He would disregard this (maybe not anymore).

When he was in Afghanistan his 5 man scout team were in the mountains searching for insurgents. They were going up a steep embankment when Quinn fell and hurt his ankle. The team had to proceed down a different path. When they got back to base they found out that another reconnaissance team had found a huge ambush at the top of the mountain (where they were going before he fell). I believe an angel watching over him gave him a little push to save his life and the life of his team.

He also fell 50 feet out of a helicopter. No parachute. Scraped elbow.

Hypothermia in Alaska while training to be a ranger. Went unconscious while hiking in 20 below weather. Taken by ambulance and his core body temp was 92 degrees. That was not a fun phone call either.

Then in Iraq he survived a humvee rollover with only a broken sternum. And now this. I have told him I am placing him behind a white picket fence to live the rest of his life in peace and safety.

Quinn was released from the hospital this afternoon. They still do not know why this happened and we may never know. What they do know is that it was not about his diet, or cholesterol or most of the things you think of when someone has a heart attack. The future looks bright for him. His heart is already returning some of the function and I expect nothing less than a full recovery. He will be on some medications for the rest of his life (he is so young who knows what the future will hold in medicine). He does have a stent in his main artery and he will be on blood thinners (aspirin and plavixs) for the future. Hopefully the strong blood thinner coumadin will be for only a short time.

He has no restrictions on his diet and can walk 1 1/2 miles each day (this week). More next week. I'm sure he will be running in the 5 mile Norfolk Memorial Day race next year God willing. He was a track star in high school running the 4 by 4 and the 400 meter. He is fast.

My own heart could not be more filled with love for this child who has experienced so much, with such grace, in his young life.

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