Sunday, September 14, 2008

I see the Light

Last night on my way to work I was listening to a tape by Marianne Williamson speaking about the Course in Miracles and by no accident the first tape was about guilt. Then this morning I was listening to some news and flipped the channel of the TV and there was Joel Osteen (a Christian minister) speaking of how un-guilty we are in the eyes of God. (ARE YOU LISTENING LISA)...ahhhh yes I am!

What I got from this is when we hold onto our dramas and guilt it keeps us away from who we really are and who we might become when we release it.

Why do we judge ourselves and others when God Almighty does not do this? All we have to do is look to nature and realize that God does not judge, that guilt is about judging ourselves or another and deaming them less than something our ego has invented.

While I was driving I was shaking my head and agreeing with what she was saying. I was stopped at a red light and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw some writing on a car that was turning towards me in the other direction. I strained my eyes to see what the writing said and it said "The little mustard seed"...and then I noticed that the car was the color of mustard...but I knew there was a bigger meaning to me seeing that car because I know the story of the mustard seed from the bible. And then Marianne mentioned the faith of a mustard seed. Yup, I almost drove off the rode...and then she started speaking of Surrender. I am really listening.

Then my mind started going crazy and I wished I could have pulled over and started writing right then and there. But alas, I had to wait till this morning and I have lost a bit of the clarity that was coming..but I remember the one thing that became so relevant to me is the thought of God as the father. As a mother of two, I can honestly say that there is NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING that these two humans could do that would EVER turn me away from them. There is NOTHING that would make me stop loving them. And in saying that, in my eyes these two humans are guiltless...completely. This does not mean in the so called "real world" that they have never strayed or done things "they" might not be proud of, what it does mean is that as their mother, I can look at this things and completely without question see the real "children of God" that they are.

In having these thoughts I realized in an instant the love of God and how truly guiltless we are in the eyes of God. He/She has given us the perfect way to understand this (in the love we have for other humans and for myself most specifically the love I have for my children).
Now, I know not everyone is a parent, and may not understand this on the level that I am speaking, but I promise you that it is real. God's love for us without ANY conditions is real, true and faithful.

If God loves us this way, and sees NOTHING in us that is 'wrong', why do we continue to judge ourselves and others as guilty? It makes no sense.
Ask God today to help you see yourself the way He sees you. Ask God to help you forgive yourself (from your own viewpoint) the way you already are forgiven in the eye of God. Ask God to transform your negativity into a great and grand purpose. A purpose that shines the light that was created in "His" image and reflects that you are a witness to His grace and fully clothed in the Grandness of who you truly are;

A child of God.

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