Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"60 Days to Surrender Success" Starting Sept 8

September 8, 2008


60 Days to Spiritual Surrender Welcome to “60 Days to Spiritual Surrender”

Setting yourself up for Successful Surrender

Day by day for 60 days (8 Weeks) you will be asked to stay focused with your thoughts, your beliefs, your intention and then to completely surrender the outcome to the Universe.

As with most things in this life, you will get out of this what you put into it.

If you are not familiar with “I Surrender This”, please go to the website www.isurrenderthis.com and download the e-book or order the full product “I Surrender This”.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but I can’t emphasize enough that the core piece to your success is to work with the complete kit/altar. It is a holistic process and it will be to your advantage to work with it all.The Universe it open and willing to all that you would wish for and desire. It is your job to remove any obstacles which may be influencing any other outcome than the outcome you desire.

Surrender is an active thought of “Thy will be done”. It is not enough to just wish something into existence. You must think it, believe in it, intend for it to happen, and then surrender the how, why, when, and where’s to the Universe.

What you will need to work this course:

1)A journal or “I Surrender This” kit.If you have not purchased “I Surrender This” you can use a journal of your choosing. Just make sure it is not something you are using for other work. Your intention for this course should be to Surrender and nothing else. I am a big believer in the field of energy. You want your energy for this to be clear of all other work and thinking.

2)An open mind. I will be suggesting many things that may be out of your awareness. If I mention something you have never heard of, take the time and do some research on it. The internet is a vast resource for anything I may be speaking of.

3)Prepare mentally each day to be accepting of the work. Be kind to yourself. The better you prepare and go inward the better your chances at fulfilling your dreams. This preparation is important work! It is readying your mind to accept what is already yours and to release the illusion that it is not.

4)Understand that now is all you have. What may be getting in the way of you achieving and realizing anything for your life? Is procrastination or avoidance getting in the way?

5)Don’t let the simplicity of some of the exercises fool you. Each one is designed specifically for a reason and should if at all possible be done in order.

If you ever have a question please e-mail me at info@isurrenderthis.com

As always, my blessings are with you,Lisa Sullivan

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