Thursday, January 03, 2008

May you be blessed in the new year

2008 is here. In one respect, it is just another day. But for me it feels like a new beginning. A time of quiet reflection and inner work. I love the new year and the promise it holds for change of self if we so desire.

When recently asked what my new years resolution was, I simply stated that I do not make new years resolutuons. What I DO do is to take notice of my life and look for ways to improve it. I found last year to be quite challenging. I look now within myself to see why I viewed it as such a challenge. Was it mearly my mental state? Or would most be challenged by the events of the recent months.

I look with optimism and trust toward this new year. Trust in myself and God that all is well. All is being cared for. I am Surrendered.

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