Thursday, January 24, 2008

Matters of the heart

Quinn saw his cardiologist yesterday and received the news that his heart is back to pumping the normal amount of blood from his heart. This is great news. He also learned that the area where he lost blood supply during the MI has scarred. I guess this is expected, although I affirm he can turn these scars into healthy tissue again.

Yesterday, apropos, this was the days Heaven Letters. I will just copy the first part, you can read the entire letter on the site.

This is a portion 1/23/2008 HeavanLetter

God said:

There isn't any revelation that cannot reach the hollows of your heart.

There is not one thing in Heaven or on Earth that cannot appear in your heart.

There is not one blessing that cannot be deep in your heart.

All manifestations of love can live in your heart.

This is what your heart was made for.

All My beautiful messages are sent to your dear heart and are reachable there.

One message of love is reaching you right now.

Your heart is eager to receive My love. It is gulping at the chance.

Your heart beats for this splendid opportunity that is before it right now.

There are dozens of messages on their way to your heart.

Dozens, trillions!

All the messages I have ever sent continue to crisscross the Universe.

All of my energy whizzes through the Universe.

There is no heartbeat I miss.

I will read this message daily, for as long as it takes, for Quinn's heart to feel the healing and love that God is sending his way.

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